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Conditions of Use

1) Personal Data

Please refer to our Privacy Policy in this regard.


2) Content

On our website (“Website”) we use material such as images, photographs, graphics, logos, videos, movies, audio files and text (the “Material”). The Material is the property of WINGMAN-STUDIOS GmbH, Troplowitzstraße 10, 22529 Hamburg, Germany (“WINGMAN”) or is used by WINGMAN as a lawful licensee and is protected under the provisions of copyright law, trademark law, design law and on the basis of personal rights under German and international law. Any use of the Material - beyond purely private purposes - requires the prior written consent of WINGMAN. The same applies to any modification of the Material, in particular the translation or other form of processing, and to any forwarding. Insofar as the Material is expressly made available for download on the Website, the special terms of use stated there apply.


3) Exclusion of Liability

If the user downloads Material or uses it in any other form, this is done at the user’s own risk. WINGMAN is not liable for any resulting damage to the user, especially to data, hardware or software. The liability for intent and gross negligence remains unaffected. WINGMAN assumes no liability for the violation of third-party rights.

The information on this Website has been compiled and checked with all due care, but WINGMAN accepts no liability for its accuracy, actuality and completeness. The Website is for general information purposes and is in no way a substitute for medical or professional advice.


4) Reviews

Registered users have the opportunity to submit reviews on the products. In addition to providing general product reviews, users can ask questions, add videos or photos to their reviews, or provide additional information about themselves and the products they have purchased.

If a user submits a review, the user accepts these conditions of use, in particular the following conditions for submitting customer reviews.

  • Rights of use

By submitting a review on our Website, the user assigns WINGMAN, free of charge, the exclusive rights to use the review, including attached photos, videos and other content (hereinafter collectively the “Review”) without any limitation in terms of time, territory or kind of use. WINGMAN is exclusively entitled to publish, reproduce and exploit the Review for its own or third parties’ purposes, in whole or in part, itself or through third parties, in any manner whatsoever worldwide and for an unlimited period of time via all media (offline as well as online). WINGMAN is entitled to transfer the granted rights in whole or in part to third parties (in particular group companies) and to grant sublicenses to third parties. WINGMAN is also entitled to shorten the Review. If the user states his name in the Review, WINGMAN is entitled, but not obliged, to state the name when publishing the Review.

  • Unauthorized content of Reviews

Furthermore, the user guarantees by submitting a Review that she or he will not submit any Reviews:

  • of which the user knows that they are incorrect;
  • which infringe the copyright or other third-party rights;
  • which violate laws or official orders;
  • which are defamatory, libelous, offensive or discriminatory towards an individual or a company;
  • for which the user has received payment or other consideration from a third party;
  • which contain information regarding other websites, addresses, email addresses, contact information or telephone numbers, or any other personally identifiable information;
  • which contain computer viruses, worms or other potentially harmful computer programs or files.


WINGMAN reserves the right to delete Reviews with illegal content, including but not limited to Reviews that are discriminatory, violent, pornographic, racist, or contain chain letters, mass mailings, or other forms of “spam” or to not post such content on the Site.


5) Legal Consequences

WINGMAN reserves the right to block the user’s access to the login area if the user violates these terms of use and/or legal regulations. In this case, the use of this area (incl. the possibility to buy products in our online shop) is no longer allowed and any further use is therefore unauthorized. WINGMAN reserves the right to pursue unauthorized use and any infringement of rights, in particular the infringement of personal rights, trademarks, designs, copyrights and other industrial property rights, under civil and/or criminal law.


6) General

The invalidity or ineffectiveness of individual provisions of these Conditions of Use shall not affect the validity of the remaining Conditions of Use. Due to technical innovations and legal changes, these Conditions of Use are revised from time to time. If you want to report legal violations on our Website, please do not hesitate to contact us.