The New Fragrances Collection for Men:Explore The Black Notes
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€1,375.00 / 1 l

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EXPLORER-SET | BLACK-STYLES   + €10.00 Incl. Tax
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€22.00 Incl. Tax

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€1,375.00 / 1 l

Save with our bundle - all 8 GAMMON fragrances in trial size for 29€, instead of 38€.

Time to get to know you! Discover the complete GAMMON collection with the EXPLORER-SET BUNDLE. You will receive all BLACK NOTES and BLACK STYLES fragrances, and an exclusive 20% discount code* for your next purchase.


The Black Guitar (G) | FOUGÈRE | 2ml
The Black Piano (A) | ORIENTAL | 2ml
The Black Sax (Bb) | WOODY | 2ml
The Black Drums (C) | CITRUS | 2ml

The Black Tee (1) l FOUGÈRE l 2ml
The Black Suit (2) l ORIENTAL l 2 ml
The Leather Jacket (3) l WOODY l 2 ml
The Black Hoodie (4) l CITRUS l 2 ml

And an exclusive 20% discount code for your next purchase.


* Valid for GAMMON EXPLORER-SET BUNDLE in our online shop; exclusive discount code of 20% will be sent in order confirmation mail after purchase of the EXPLORER-BUNDLE; discount code can be applied once to all GAMMON products except gift-sets in our online shop; can not be combined with other discounts.

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